Audition/Results announcements


[b][color=red]AUDITION, RESULTS AND PLAYLIST 17-6-2015

1) Don't have a candidatenumber yet? Get one from our gracious hosts!!

2) Read the rules

3) Record your song

4) Submit your entry.[/color]


[color=green]GREEN NAMES: THROUGH TO ROUND 1[/color]

[color=red]RED NAMES: SORRY, IT'S A NO FROM US[/color][/b]


All colored names have had their banner posted under their recording.

Won  a golden ticket? Please flaunt it everywhere as your avatar!

DID'T pass? Please be a sport… we can't all be winners. You had the guts to enter so please [color=red]don't delete your recording.[/color] We can't give you a participation banner when you delete your recording!


[color=red][b]FREE GOLD FOR WINNERS!

#1: 3 month Gold (sponsored by ITS Paris)

#2: 1 month Gold (sponsored by Blue-nightingale)

#3: 1 week Gold (sponsored by Blue-nightingale)

top 5: STAR donated by our Judges team[/b][/color]